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Frequently Asked Questions





What does CACH do?

CACH carries out 3 different types of work;

  • Support
  • Education
  • Promotion


We offer support to victims of hate crime, hate incidents and discrimination.  The support offered comes in a range of options to suit the specific case and individual.  This can range from acting as an advocate to simply offering a listening service for those who do not want to take matters further.


The educational aspect of the work we do takes place mostly in secondary schools and institutions offering further and higher education, although we can work with primary school pupils too. We use various educational tools and approaches to help people question the judgements they make about others and think about the way they treat them. 


In addition to working in educational establishments, we also offer training sessions about CACH and hate crime to partner agencies, whilst we can also run awareness sessions in community settings.


We could not do the previous 2 aspects of our work without promoting our services and telling others about what we do.  We are keen to attend community events that support diversity, education and personal safety.  If you would like us to attend your event please complete the enquiry form or email


What is a Hate Crime?

A hate crime can be any kind of crime, e.g. harassment, criminal damage etc.  If the person committing the crime does so because they think the victim is different from them in some way then that can be classed as a hate crime.  Common categories of hate crime include disability, age, race, religion, sexuality, gender identity but other reasons such as the way a person looks or dresses can also be classed as a hate crime.


What is a Hate Incident?

This is exactly the same as a hate crime but when technically no crime has been committed, e.g. low level bullying or discrimination.


What is Discrimination?

Simply put, discrimination is when you are treated unfairly based on somebody’s belief that you are different to them in some way, be that based on a disability, age, race etc.


There are different kinds of discrimination as defined in the UK:



What will happen if I make a report to CACH?

If you make a report to CACH and include your contact details our Coordinator will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss your options and see how you want things to move forward.  We might offer to meet with you in person or, if you would prefer, we may be able to assist you over the phone or by email.


If you make a report anonymously then the information you provide will still be helpful  as it can help to guide where CACH should focus their proactive work in the community.


Can I make reports to CACH anonymously?

Yes. The information you provide will still be helpful as it can help to guide where CACH should focus their proactive work in the community though we would always encourage people to provide contact details so support can be offered.


Will CACH tell the Police if I make a report?

No, not if you don’t want us to.  CACH will never*share your information with the Police or other agencies, without your express permission.

* unless we have reason to fear for your own or another person’s safety.


Can I report to CACH if I am aware someone else has experienced a Hate Crime?

Yes.  Anybody can report a hate crime although you should not provide the victim’s details without their permission.  It will still be helpful for you to report the incident to us without giving the victim’s details as it can help to guide where CACH should focus their proactive work in the community.


Can I report incidents that happen on Facebook/Twitter?

Yes. You can report hate incidents that happen on any social networking sites via the online report form.


Can CACH attend our event?

CACH like to attend or have a presence at as many events as possible in Stafford Borough, South Staffordshire and Cannock Chase District.   If you would like us to attend your event please complete the enquiry form or email


If these FAQs do not answer your question please get in touch via the enquiry form or email


If you feel you have been a victim of discrimination or a hate crime we can help you get the support you need. You can report to us anonymously or provide all your details so that we can help you directly.

All reports are kept confidential unless you ask for us to share the information with our partners.

To report a hate crime or incident please call/text

0797 149 7988

or fill in the

Report Form >>>

Donít stay silent, you have a voice...CACH

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