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Most people, at some point in their lives, know what it is like to be called an upsetting name or know what it is like to feel bullied or taunted.  Thankfully, for most, these incidents are ‘one offs’ and it does not go further or hurt deeper than a graze on the knee that heals after a week or two.  


There are however people in our community who are bullied and taunted regularly because of their sexuality, their race or religion, their gender, a disability, their class, the way they look or the way they dress, basically because of who they are.  Sometimes it does not stop with name calling, it can escalate to serious harassment and even physical violence.


CACH (Communities Against Crimes of Hate) is an organisation set up in Staffordshire (covering Stafford Borough, South Staffordshire, Cannock Chase, East Staffordshire, Tamworth Borough and Lichfield) to help victims of these sorts of incidents.  Any incident or crime that is thought might be motivated by the victim’s ‘difference’ can be reported to CACH (pronounced ‘catch’).  We deal with incidents in a wide range of ways and offer the victim recommendations and advice about what steps can be taken.  We work very closely with the police, schools, housing associations, local authorities and other support networks to promote tolerance and ensure that the best possible service is delivered to the victims.


We are here to support you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




If you feel you have been a victim of discrimination or a hate crime we can help you get the support you need. You can report to us anonymously or provide all your details so that we can help you directly.

All reports are kept confidential unless you ask for us to share the information with our partners.

To report a hate crime or incident please call/text

0797 149 7988

or fill in the

Report Form >>>

Donít stay silent, you have a voice...CACH

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